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Wisconsin Township Government Management Software

WistarWin is a computer software program that handles the accounting needs of any Wisconsin township. Town Clerk, Marilyn K. Bhend, has taken over the Licensing of Wistar-Win which was originally created by Professor John R. Schmidt.

For more information, please contact Marilyn by email or telephone [715-581-7006].

Features & Screen Shots:


Major features:

  • Simple, colorful menu controls.
  • Chart of Accounts tailored for local use.
  • Easy data entry, without memorizing code numbers.
  • Outstanding reports for presentation to the Town Board.
  • Checking writing included.
  • Form C summary at the click of a mouse, with ample verification checking.
  • Incredibly fast transaction reports in print preview form, for the time span you choose, with multiple grouping options and subtotals.
  • Advanced searching capabilities, including supplemental note contents.
  • Ties to MS-Word and MS-Excel.
  • Computer user instructions for computer viewing or printing locally, with sample data.
  • Friendly, experienced advisory service by telephone.

Computer Software Requirements:

To run Wistar-Win you must have MS Office Professional with Access. Your computer MUST have this set of software installed.

It provides:

  • MS-Access: database management for your financial records.
  • MS-Word: word processing for your reports.
  • MS-Excel: spreadsheet for your budget plans.

This companion software does NOT come with Wistar-Win, but Marilyn K. Bhend can acquire it through TCR Solutions, LLC and install it for you at additional cost.

Computer Hardware Requirments:

  • 500 mhz or higher clock speed
  • 256 mb Ram or higher.
  • "Flash" Drive" (that functions like a standard hard drive but is completely portable. A drive with 128 mb would be adequate.)
  • Internet access. (optional)
  • Printer.


Marilyn K. Bhend - a Town Clerk - will do the installation. She had used the DOS Versions (WTAS & WISTAR) and changed to Wistar-Win when it became available. She also worked with Professor John R. Schmidt in the "testing" of Wistar-Win.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will Wistar-Win run on my computer?
That depends on your equipment. The program needs a lot of computing power. Wistar-Win can operate successfully on almost any PC acquired in 2000 or later, provided it has enough RAM and is loaded with a Professional Version of MS-Office.
2) What version of Windows and how much RAM is needed?
The operating system should be Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home or Professional). RAM should be at least 256.
3) Does Wistar-Win require a "super fast" processor?
No, although a 500 mhz or higher clock speed (Intel Pentium, Celeron, or AMD) is best. Clock speed is not as crucial as RAM availability. If you need to expand RAM anyway it's likely wise to consider a "brand new" computer. All come with high clock speeds these days, and you can probably get the necessary MS-Office Professional at better pricing in the process.
4) Why is the more costly version of MS-Office called for?
Wistar-Win is not a stand-alone product. A Professional Version of Office 2000 (or newer) is required to support it so that a local computer professional with "MS-Access Programming" experience might adjust and/or service the design features - at your own risk and responsibility.
5) Is the program designed to fit local conditions and desires?
Yes, this has always been true with WTAS and WISTAR (the DOS predecessor versions). First time users are asked to supply key background information for this purpose - the latest Form C, the current Town Budget, and the most recent Annual Financial Report developed for local distribution.
6) What kind of usage training is provided, initially and into the future?
We explore the primary operating procedures with you at the time of installation, for new users as well as those updating from our DOS products. Installation is done on site, and only by Marilyn K. Bhend. A comprehensive User Guide is supplied in printed form that fits a set of demonstration data. Special training for a new Clerk can be requested later at additional Town expense, with rates to be agreed upon at the time.
7) What about our questions and service support needs after the installation?
There is no charge for telephone support during the 12 months following installation - when your Town covers the long distance toll charges. On-site support or special programming service requests will be billed at rates specified and agreed to currently.
8) When can we start using Wistar-Win?
It is best to begin usage as close to 1 January as possible. We will need two weeks to refine the software for your circumstances, and will schedule the installation as soon as we can.
9) What does the program cost?
We do not "sell" Wistar-Win or its distribution. Instead, usage rights are "licensed" to your Town (not to an individual) for an indefinite period. The actual distribution rights remain with us. The "one-time" licensing fee is $800.00 (Payable to: Marilyn K. Bhend), and includes the original installation. (No travel charge is assessed for installation.)
10) Is Wistar-Win easy to use?
Yes, especially if you're comfortable with such Windows programs as MS-Word. Take time to study the Wistar-Win documentation and experiment with the demonstration data. We're confident that our colorful menuing system will get you rolling quickly.

About The Wistar-Win Developer

Professor John R. Schmidt authored WTAS and WISTAR, the well-known DOS programs for hundreds of Wisconsin Towns, in collaboration with UW-Extension, and the Wisconsin Towns Association.

After his retirement from UW-Madison, he formed JRS Computing Services and created Wistar-Win for distribution in 2002.

The continuation of Wistar-Win is dedicated to the Memory of Professor John R. Schmidt. (1929 - 2006)