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Discover the Benefits of Owning Professionally Refurbished PC

Get a professionally refurbished PC with genuine Windows 7 at a great value. Windows 7 is designed to make your PC simpler and the things you do every day easier. With Windows 7 and Windows Live Services, you can create, connect, and share with your refurbished PC and the cloud.

Microsoft Refurbished PC program members offer enhanced value because they pre-install genuine Microsoft software, provide data wiping security services, and use environmentally sustainable best practices when refurbishing computers.

TCR currently sells the Lenovo T412 laptop and hp Elitebooks in our refurbished line.
The Lenovo T412 sells for $1600 at Amazon (April 2015). It is a business class laptop; sturdy, dependable and able to accomplish anything you need to do. A refurbished T412 costs $400, so you could buy 4 refurbished laptops for the same cost as 1 new one! They come with a limited warranty and they are usually in stock which means you can take one home with you today.
The hp Elitebook sells for approximately $800 at Amazon (April 2015). The current cost of a refurbished Elitebook is $400. For the same amount of money, you can provide 2 laptops for your business and know that you have reduced your carbon imprint at the same time. Win-win!

TCR Solutions is proud to be a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher!

Production and disposal of electronics has such a huge environmental impact. Microsoft, along with other technology leaders and worldwide organizations, recognizes the problem of end-of-life management for technology devices and the complexities and challenges for consumers when dealing with it.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers can help you. They use stringent data wiping standards to effectively erase your data. They refurbish the PCs or servers and install genuine Microsoft software so they are ready for new owners. A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher can also provide a variety of asset management offerings – some even provide full IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.