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We know data loss can be a very difficult experience. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your important files back.

Gillware leads the industry with policies that help protect you from fraud.

  • "No data, no charge" policy – view a list of recoverable files before paying
  • We are SOC 2 Type II security audited
  • World class team of computer scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers
  • With industry leading success rates, prices 40-50% lower than the competition and cutting edge engineering techniques, you can see why Gillware is the trusted data recovery partner for companies like Western Digital and Dell.

The paragraph below is an example of dozens of positive testimonials on the Gillware website.

A company you can trust

"Name: Jarrod Petrovics
Title: Systems Integration and Test Engineer
Company: Northrop Grumman Corp.
Customer type: Testimonial date: Sep 10, 2014
Used this firm’s services twice (once for single sata drive and second time was a damaged RAID-5 config.) and was extremely happy with everything."

Gillware Recovers Data From A Variety Of Devices

Hard Drives

Platter and Solid State Drives

Our engineers are experts in hard drive data recovery, whether from desktops, laptops or external and portable external hard drives. As storage devices increase in capacity, Gillware has partnered with SSD manufacturers to improve our solid-state drive recovery capabilities.


Using advanced engineering techniques, we can recover data from large capacity, enterprise grade storage devices such as RAID arrays and network attached storage (NAS) devices

Servers and Virtual Environments

Server failures are devastating to businesses of all sizes. We are able to recover from these devices with a high degree of success.

Gillware's programmers have developed groundbreaking methods to recover data from virtual machines.

USB Flash Drives (Thumb Drives)

Due to their portable nature USB flash drives are often damaged. We recover data from USB thumb drives of varying capacities.

Deleted Data

Whether you've accidentally deleted files and folders, or you've had data maliciously deleted by a disgruntled employee or computer virus, we can help you get your important files back.

Corrupted Data

When a computer is infected with a virus or shut down improperly, files become corrupted and stop working. We can recover corrupted files and restore them back to normal.

Dropped Hard Drive

75% of all external drives sent to Gillware's lab for recovery are the result of a fall or drop. Since the purpose of an external is portability, they are moved around and prone to damage.