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Business IT Support

At TCR Solutions our mantra is "Get IT off your back". We work hard to make sure you don't spend all your time trying to handle IT problems. We understand that you need to be running your business, not troubleshooting a computer.

We are very good at what we do and our pricing structure is affordable. No job is too big and no problem is too small. No matter what your need is, TCR Solutions has got your back! And that means you can get back to work.

Our Focus

TCR is a Business to Business IT services provider with an emphasis on keeping you in the driver's seat.

We can handle as much of your IT function as you wish. We do it with excellence and we do it for less.

Product Lineup

Excellence Is Our Motto

  • Acer Hardware
  • AVG Cloudcare
  • Cradlepoint Networking
  • Gillware Online Backup
  • Gillware Data Recovery
  • Google For Work
  • Google For Education
  • Lenovo Hardware
  • Mercury Payment Systems
  • Novastor Online Backup
  • WEBOOST Cellular Network Boosters


We Got Your Back

Managed services, network management, and technicians who are willing to help; all wrapped up in a local business that understands the challenges you face.


Google For Work

Collaborate, Calendar, Storage... Let Google Apps take over your IT department. With office software, storage, calendar, email, classroom software, and so much more, Google Apps has IT covered.


Bring Your Own Network

Create separate wireless networks for guests and customers. Use parallel networks for VPN or POS. Add digital signage and kiosks to spread the word about your business. Use a cradlepoint for a security network. And keep a spare for yourself to use when traveling. Onboard VPN software will keep your data safe.


Cellular Network Boosters

Improve cellular connections for data, voice calls and hotspots. WeBoost has boosters for business, home use and vehicles. These small devices can even work in the Chequamegon National Forest of Northern Wisconsin!


Payment Systems

Affordable, Portable Credit Card Processing. Fast, secure transactions plus an easy to use web interface make this truly 21st century credit card processing.